Our company offers Refrigerator and Freezer Qualification Services to ensure your refrigeration units meet temperature-sensitive product storage requirements.

Refrigerator and Freezer Qualification Services

At Qvalitek, we specialize in ensuring that your refrigeration units comply with stringent temperature control requirements for pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and other sensitive materials. Our comprehensive services include:

Design and Installation Qualification (DQ/IQ):

  • Assessing unit compliance with capacity, location, and temperature range specifications.
  • Ensuring proper installation and initial performance.

Operational Qualification (OQ):

  • Conducting rigorous tests to verify that units operate according to design specifications.
  • Performing temperature mapping studies to identify any hot or cold spots.

Performance Qualification (PQ):

  • Testing over extended periods to ensure consistent temperature maintenance.
  • Conducting stability testing under various conditions to ensure reliability.

Comprehensive Documentation:

  • Providing detailed reports with test results and recommendations.
  • Ensuring full compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards.

Our goal is to deliver top-tier services, working closely with our clients to guarantee satisfaction and optimal performance of your refrigeration units.